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Cultural landscape to hike


The Pielachtal is a typical piece of Mostviertel. The Pielach is a river that has made its way from the wild, alpine into mild, fertile land and it shaped landscapes out of a picture book. The particular cultural landscape and the mild climate here makes a special fruit very well flourish that is called Dirndl. The bright red fruits of Dirndl became a symbol of the natural wealth of the Tales.

Hiking or pilgrimage in the Valley of Dirndln: our cultural landscape is a dream for hiking '!

Hiking Paradise Dirndltal

The ease of walking

Idyll at 652nd

The vastness of the landscape to enjoy. Come to rest and find your own rhythm. Concentrate entirely open and breath of nature.Here you can run off the daily life in the clear water of the Pielach.

Just strolling through the Dirndltal, experienced the most quarter at its best: Here comes the mild, fertile 'gardens' slowly in the wild-alpine mountains.

Like a painting, nature presents itself, with many for one small farming typical elements: rear hems and wooded islands, orchards and "Schnoat trees". The particular shape of these trees (mostly ash) comes from "Schneiteln", the artistic cutting of the foliage of the trees, the animals eat just below it.
Today the Schneiteln applicable in Western Europe as almost extinct in Pielachtal this tradition is maintained as before.

Hiking with Paula in the autumn

People who can be accompanied by an Dirndl Taler nature guide, can "read" in the countryside and learn a lot about how farmers use here the nature (also how they used it earlier) intensively and at the same time gentle.

The beautiful cultural landscape of Pielachtal contains numerous hikable and worth discovering treasures. And the imposing natural park Ötscher-Tormäuer with its gorges, waterfalls and caves invites you to a flawless hiking tour.

Over 1,000 km of hiking trails of varying difficulty are available in the Dirndltal. All difficulties from 260 to 1900 altitudes for hiking.

Numerous shelters increase and a good way service your walking comfort. This diversity allows a choice of routes for almost every travel needs.

Dirndltal - Hiking in all seasons

Hiking in the Dirndltal - winter

The valley with its mountains has also considerable differences in height. It starts at about 250 meters of altitude at the entrance. There are partly snow-free or wander-ways with little snow available in the winter months. Additionally, there is the generous system of diriving to the courts. This provides many cleared from snow hiking in winter.

Themed walks in Dirndltal

== Snowshoeing==
Prammer chapel

The mid-winter with snow shows its charms in snowshoeing. These are available for loan in the Steinschaler holdings for guests. Here, the Eisentein is the most open weekend choice Cottage and is one of the most popular destinations.

In summer, in contrast, walkin the Dirndltal is very popular.

The road network

Hiking idyll at Dirndltaler Path 652
Crossroads  Fischer on the level

In addition to many regional trails there are in the valley regional and ways known as:

Hiking bases - shelters

The shelters in Dirndltal are partly the whole year (weekends) open.

Year-round opened are the shelters with opening times mostly on weekends


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Trails in Frankenfels

In Frankenfels there are numerous hiking trails, 80 km of which are marked. Through the municipality also lead the Lower Austrian and Austrian trail, the Railway Trail and Fable Trail.

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Hiking with dog:

Hiking with dog

Some photos

Title page of the DirndlTal book
Parasol wayside while hiking
View of Fronberg from Hofberg in autumn

Bild:Wandern Wasser Raf.jpg|Hiking at the Pielach

Paula as lend dog